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What is KDP Live Well?

The KDP Live Well program is full of resources to help inspire our employees and their families to their best well-being. Participants can access the program by logging in to their personalized wellness website.

Who can participate in KDP Live Well?

All those eligible for KDP benefits (even if not enrolled) can take part in the wellness program. Employees can take part in fun activities and challenges and tap into additional support programs offered through the platform. Employees have a chance to win rewards at every level.

Enrolled spouses/domestic partners can also take part in the fun activities and challenges and online platform.

Please note: Union eligibility may vary. Please refer to your collective bargaining agreement or contact your local HR representative.

How do I get connected to KDP Live Well?

Log in to your personalized website to get started! Once you create your account you can take part in the fun activities and challenges.

Note: Employees will need to use OKTA authentication in order to access the KDP Live Well platform.

If my spouse/domestic partner is enrolled in a KDP Medical plan, can he/she share my wellness account login?

No. Each participant should set up their own personalized account. This helps you each personalize your experience to meet your individual wellness goals.

Note: When creating your account, all employee IDs should be 7 numerical digits in length. If your ID is shorter than 7 numerical digits, add zeros (0) to the front to make it longer. For example, 12345 would become 0012345 or 0012345S for a spouse/domestic partner account.

If your ID is longer than 7 numerical digits, remove any zeros (0) from the front to make it shorter. If your ID is 7 numerical digits, no leading zero (0) is needed

Are dependent children who are enrolled in a KDP Medical plan eligible to participate in the Wellness Program?

Dependent children are not eligible to participate in the KDP Live Well Program.

If I am not enrolled in a KDP Medical Plan am I still eligible to participate in the KDP Live Well Program?

Yes.  If you are a benefits eligible employee, you are eligible to participate in the KDP Live Well Program regardless of whether or not you are enrolled in a KDP Medical Plan.

Do I have to complete the health assessment?

Yes. This helps to design activities and challenges to meet your personal wellness goals. Participation in a health assessment is for your personal awareness about your overall health.

How can I see my health assessment results and confirm my completion?

When you log into your KDP Live Well account navigate to the “Discover” tab and select the activity “Complete Your Assessment”. Once the assessment is complete you can view your results under the “My Results” section. You can also access your assessment by navigating directly to the “My Results” section within the app or website, points will be automatically rewarded upon completion.

Will KDP ever see my health assessment results?

No. Your privacy is as important to KDP as it is to you. Your individual health assessment results are confidential and will never be shared with KDP. KDP does not see any of your personal information. However, group (not individual) results for the broad employee population will be shared with KDP, health plan providers and health vendors to design and implement future health programs.


Who is eligible to earn the rewards?

All employees eligible for benefits (even if not enrolled) can take part in the program.

What are the rewards available?

Employees will be eligible to win all levels up to their current amount. So, for example, a participant at Level 3 will be entered for the Level 2 and 3 drawings.

Will I have to pay taxes if I win a raffle item?

No. KDP will be grossing up the amount of the gift cards to pay the taxes on your behalf.

What is a Tango Gift Card?

Tango is the vendor used by the wellness program to distribute the gift card prizes. The vendor allows you to choose a gift card from a catalog of retail outlets – such as Amazon, Walmart, Target and more – to use like cash!


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